What is IACD?

IACD is the International Association for Creative Dance, whose purpose is to promote the development of creative dance founded upon the free approach to the art of body movement pioneered by Barbara Mettler. Founded in 1996 by a group of Mettler’s students, IACD is a full 501 3 (c) non-profit membership organization committed to continue, broaden and strengthen the field of Mettler-based creative dance. Members include teachers, artists, dancers, therapists, clergy, recreational leaders and others who comprise a worldwide community of people whose lives have been touched by the wonder and power of this approach to dance.


  • publishes an online newsletter twice a year;
  • sponsors the annual Creative Dance Congress where people dedicated to Mettler-based dance have the opportunity to work with seasoned teachers in a large group context. A pre-Congress Introductory Workshop provides a basic introduction to Mettler-based dance;
  • sponsors weekend-length Regional Mettler-based Creative Dance Workshops;
  • co-funds a residency on Mettler-based dance at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA;
  • provides a clearinghouse for information on Mettler-based dance including opportunities for study, demonstration and performance;
  • facilitates networking with others in the field;
  • maintains an egroup of interested participants.

IACD encourages the understanding and use of Mettler-based creative dance in diverse contexts such as elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, clinical settings including health care and wellness environments, recreational centers, places of worship, public parks, and dance studios.

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Individual memberships $ 30 yearly. $50 for two years
Organization $35 yearly.

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